Colin Aston
Age: 37
Occupation: Diner Owner

Colin's a scruffy ex-private eye turned diner owner who's seen one too many noir movies. He'd like nothing more than for people like Audrey (who pretty much walked out of a noir movie) to leave him alone, ostensibly because his life is not a movie. While he claims that being an enigma adds to his charm, he has met his match in Audrey, who convinces him to do the last thing in the world he wants to be caught doing.
Audrey Price
Age: secret
Occupation: ?

Meet Audrey, the hot blonde dame who just waltzed right out of a noir movie and straight into Colin's life, despite his protests. She's smart, snarky, and knows exactly which buttons to push to get people to do what she wants. Audrey's convinced that Colin's the one who can get her what she wants in this case, and she'll stop at nothing to get it.
Lucas Blaire
Age: 32
Occupation: A.F.I.A. officer

Lucas is the man Audrey's looking for, a young, charismatic man who is an officer of the AFIA and a politician's son. Even though he is technically a public figure, he stays under the radar except in official cases that concern the AFIA. Rich and handsome, he's the man who has it all... except that he's missing.
Flicka Martinez
Age: 16
Occupation: waitress

A shy waitress who works for Colin's diner, Two Keys. Although she tends to avoid smalltalk with customers, she's a nimble waitress and a hard worker. It helps that coffee poured from her pot is always fresh, and the meals she serves are always piping hot.
Ramon McKenzie and Joyce London
Age: ?
Occupation: Bounty Hunters
The team that Lucas Blaire was investigating when he went missing. They are rumored to be "involved in war".

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